Monday, April 19, 2010

Script to install Windows Updates automatically

Occasionally I have to build a one-off server - a server that doesnt fit our existing defaults. When I do this, I like to start with a fresh install from media, patch the system, and then install whatever app I need. However, the installation of patches can become a tedious bore that sucks your time away.

A little searching and I found a simple vbscript at that searches, downloads, and installs all applicable updates for your system. running it is simple:
  1. Go to and ensure you have the latest WU agent installed
  2. Execute the vbscript
  3. Repeat until no more updates are listed
There is another option called wuinstall ( that uses C++ to install updates. I havnt used it yet, but it looks promising

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Anonymous said...

wuinstall will pull from a sus server first if you have one, will the vscript from msdn?