Monday, October 03, 2011

Bulk importing CSV files into SQL

I am working on a way to import the NAR files from my EMC CX4s to a SQL database. I have been reviewing the performance data of several databases, and have realized that not all the LUNs need as much performance they were sized for. As such, I have been able to reclaim some disk, but this is a slow and tedious process.
So my thinking was - Import the NAR data into a SQL database and use simple queries to summarize the data. Eventually, I will create a SSRS report to automate all of it.

Inserting from SQL is surprisingly simple. Per, if you have the table pre-created, simply run:

    FROM 'c:\file.csv' 
        FIRSTROW = 2
        FIELDTERMINATOR = ',', 
        ROWTERMINATOR = '\n' 

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