Install and Configure Apache webserver on CentOS7
Standard Access Lists
Palo Alto Initial Configuration
Introduction to Firewalls
Shower Curtain Painting
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  • Install and Configure Apache webserver on CentOS7
    In this example, we will be installing the Apache web server on CentOS version 7. Once installed and configured, we will then setup a sample website on the server to show how to install fully […]
  • Standard Access Lists
    In these standard access list activities we walk through how firewalls evaluate traffic and the 5 tuples used to permit or deny traffic. We then walk through an example activity using packet tracer. […]
  • Palo Alto Initial ConfigurationPalo Alto Initial Configuration
    In this video we walk through the initial power on and configuration of a Palo Alto firewall. We configure the management interface from the command line and then connect to the web interface. Inside […]
  • Introduction to Firewalls
    An introduction to firewalls, what they are for, and how they work. We include an overview of the 5-Tuples used in firewalls and how they are evaluated by a network device. Finally, we walk through […]
  • Shower Curtain Painting
    In this video I take a custom printed shower curtain from Amazon and build it into a large custom printed painting. Total cost: $40This project is based on a Reddit post by user u/power-cube at […]