Converting DVDs to DIVX files under Linux

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I recently purchased an Iomega ScreenPlay device that allows me to copy a DVD to USB drive and then play it to my TV. Using a 500GB USB then allows me to access most of my DVD library without having to hunt for disks. However, I am not running in High Definition, I am not […]


Recovering NFS datastores

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I recently setup a linux server running an NFS export that I mounted in my VMware cluster. This was going to essentially be for archive information – offline servers that were not needed to be active, but still had to be kept in case they were needed. Everything was working great and I needed to […]


Bonding interfaces in Linux

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I recently setup a Linux box to act as an NFS gateway and wanted to bond multiple 1GB interfaces together. The bonding would allow for more throughput, as well as redundancy in case a link failed. I asked my network guy to create an LACP group on the Cisco switch, and then followed the bonding […]