SSRS Format codes

If you use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), then you have probably used the “Format Code” setting when desiging a report. But what codes are available, and where can you find a list of them? Below is a list of what I have been able to find, it may not be complete, but its a start:


1234 g
1,234.00 N
1234 D0
1234.00 F
1.234123e+003 e


9/21/2009 10:06 AM g
Monday, September 21, 2009 D
9/21/2009 d


9/21/2009 10:06 AM g
10:06:25 AM T
10:06 AM t


123,400.00 % P
123,400 % P0


$1,234.12 C

3 thoughts on “SSRS Format codes

  1. Thanks a lot this page help a lot.
    I would like to add date format which is "d" "mm/dd/yyyy" and MMM-YY like MAR-10,


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