Using CommVault 1-touch restore

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I have been attempting on and off for a few weeks to get CommVault’s “Virtualize Me” feature working in my environment. My environment is a little unique in the fact that the DR VMware systems are isolated from the CommServe. Because the CommServe needs access to Virtual Center to use Virtualize Me, there is a […]


Another method to extract music from YouTube

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Previously I created a post that described how to extract music from YouTube using a variety of Linux tools. I am getting ready for a road-trip and needed some theme music (Mustang Sally, Slow Ride, etc…), but didnt have a Linux system available. So here is another method using Windows tools. DISCLAIMER: I am not […]


Monitoring wireless networks

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I just rebuilt my laptop and was in the process of reinstalling all my normal tools (7zip, Chrome, wireshark, etc…) I suddenly remembered that I had a great wireless monitoring tool that allowed me to see what networks were nearby, what channel they were on, and how strong their signals were over time, but I […]