SCOM Maintenance Mode

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One of the main goals for implmenting system management tools such as SMS (SCCM) and MOM (SCOM) is to automate routine tasks, unfortunatly these tools sometimes makes the task more difficult than it needs to be. For instance SCOM has a maintenance mode function which allows monitoring of a system to be suspended while planned […]


SCOM 2007 SP1 – Parameters not working with custom tasks

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Scenario: I wanted to create a task to allow a remote console (cmd line) to target machines. I have seen this done several times in MOM2005 using PSExec ( so it should be a simple matter of translating this to the new formats. I created a new Console Tasks Command line,– Name: Remote Console– Task […]


File copy failures across WAN links

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We have a customer that is trying to copy data from his JDEdwards enterprise server (NT SQL) across the extranet and it fails intermittently. After researchign the issue, the customer suggested that the issue has been occuring for a while and always seems to happen during times of high load (payroll processing, etc…). The file […]


ADFS and Citrix allowing SSO

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The company I am with currently is an ASP providing JDEdwards applications to other companies. There are currently 2 ways to provide this service: a web version of JDE served over the network, or by publishing the fat client via Citrix. Since we are providing this service to external customers and not part of their […]